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True Flip token (TFL)

True Flip has conducted a successful crowdsale on 28 Jun – 28 Jul 2017, gaining over 2,000 coins in Bitcoin equivalent (BTC, ETH, LTC and DASH were accepted). The company initially offered up to 21,000,000 TFL at the price of 0,0005 BTC per token.

Over 3,000 participants acquired the total of 6,247,267 TFL, while the rest of the initial amount was «burned» to proportionally increase each token holder’s percentage in the overall token amount. The final overall amount of existing TFL after burning is 8,924,667.

True Flip tokens provide their holder with extra rewards in accordance with the White Paper.

True Flip tokens allow their owners to participate in a special quarterly game. Its prize fund is formed with 10-15% of each sold ticket according to the following scheme:

Payments are assigned to the fund daily after each draw;

The amount assigned to the fund (within 10-15% of income) is determined by the token holder voting;

The token holder game Master Flip is held 4 times a year;

To participate in the game, TFL Token holders must verify their ownership through a smart contract;

The token holders are notified in advance about the date of the Master Flip game;

Token holder prize fund is formed on the basis of the following proportion:

True Flip TFL token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 standard. ERC here means "Ethereum Request for Comments”, while “20” is the unique proposal ID number. In general, it defines a list of rules such tokens have to implement, to be able to function within the Ethereum ecosystem. These days ERC-20 becomes an industrial standard for token creation within the crowdsale procedure.

For our business, this results in enhanced transparency, best possible connectivity and clear structure followed by better comprehension of the token by the partners and blockchain community.

TFL exchange price

$0.72 3.72%

0.00008 BTC

Market cap


510.602 BTC

Volume (24h)


4.00 BTC

Loyalty program

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